D&D 5th Edition - Story Mode

Variant: 100 XP Advancement

This variant drastically simplifies the process of advancement while staying true to the rate of progression outlined in DMG 261.

It uses a simple scale that treats each session holistically, which makes it easier to reward the players for a variety of achievements beyond just combat.

Each Level requires 100 XP to advance.

At the end of each session, every player earns 25 to 50 XP, based on how much was accomplished and how well the players roleplayed as a group (e.g. dialogue and cooperation between PCs).

Rule of Thumb: An average session will earn 10 XP for every hour of actual gameplay.

All players receive the same amount of XP.

1st level characters earn +100 XP when they finish their first session, for answering the Call to Adventure.

Completed Session5 XP
Accomplishments/Milestones 20 to 40 XP
Group Roleplaying Bonus1 to 10 XP
First Session Bonus+100 XP
Any PC reached 3 Death Points-10 XP