D&D 5th Edition - Story Mode

Character Sheet

Character Sheet
Character Sheet
Revised for use with Story Mode.
Class Reference Sheet
Class Sheets
One reference sheet per class, for advancement & features.
Spell Sheet
Spell Sheet
For spellcasters. Position partially under the main character sheet to extend it.

Main Character Sheet Revisions

The character sheet was revised to make it easier to use, by removing a lot of visual clutter and focusing on the more important stats.

  • Larger lines. There is more room on each line for writing at a legible size.
  • Serif Font. Bookman Old Style closely matches the font in the offical rulebooks and is more evocative of fantasy gaming.
  • Heirarchal Abilities & Skills. Skills and saves are listed under each ability score to make lookup quicker.
  • No Ability Scores. Only Ability Bonuses (e.g. +1, +2) are used, since the underlying Ability Scores aren’t directly used during gameplay.
  • No Background. A new list of Personality Traits provide a quicker way to provide unique roleplaying hooks. PCs get an extra Proficiency.
  • No Alignment. All PCs are considered Good by default. Personality Traits offer more nuanced character behavior instead.
  • No Passive Perception. The DM can calculate this when needed (10 + Perception).
  • No Initiative. This is just Dexterity.
  • No Speed. All characters implicitly have a Speed of 30.
  • No Hit Dice. PCs regain half of their lost HP during a short rest. See Cinematic Rest.
  • No Death Saves. See Cinematic Death.
  • No Damage Types. There is no need to record damage types. (e.g. bludgeoning, piercing)
  • No Temporary HP. These can be tracked in the “Current” section when necessary.
  • No Proficiency Bonus. This bonus is implicitly added in the instructions.
  • No Weapon Proficiencies. These can be referenced from the official rules when needed.
  • Consolidated Skills & Saves. Skills & saves are combined into fewer, more general skills that are more consistently useful. See Consolidated Skills & Saves.
  • Double Proficiencies. Players can have double-proficiency in a skill. This accounts for traits like Expertise and adds a new layer of customization.
  • Money. The only currencies are Gold & Silver (10 SP = 1 GP). Round prices up to 1 SP.