D&D 5th Edition - Story Mode

Consolidated Skills & Saves

The 18 skills in the official rules have been combined into 8 skills that are more balanced in their relative usefulness.

  • Arcana (Int) - Arcana
  • Athletics (Str) - Athletics
  • Acrobatics (Dex) - Acrobatics
  • Influence (Cha) - Insight, Persuasion, Intimidation, Deception, Performance
  • Lore (Int) - History, Religion
  • Nature (Wis) - Nature, Animal Handling, Survival, Medicine
  • Perception (Wis) - Perception, Investigation
  • Stealth (Dex) - Stealth, Sleight of Hand

Saving Throws

The 6 Ability-based saving throws are combined into 3 Saves.

These are taken from 4th Edition, and are aligned with the three most commonly used saving throws in 5th Edition.

  • Fortitude (Con) - Resist physical effects. (e.g. fatigue, disease, poison)
  • Reflex (Dex) - Dodging physical dangers. (e.g. falling objects, area effects)
  • Will (Wis) - Resist magical & mental effects. (e.g. charm, sleep, illusion)

Other Skills

  • Disarm Devices (Rogue). Open locks and disarm traps. This is just a clearer rename of proficiency in Thieves' Tools.

Background Advantage

For tasks that aren’t covered in the above skill list, simply give Advantage to a roll if the character’s background, race, or class is highly relevant. (e.g. an Elf reading old elvish runes.)