D&D 5th Edition - Story Mode

Variant: Flavor Bonus

This is one of the key variants of Story Mode.

When a player enhances the description of their action, the DM is encouraged to add a Flavor Bonus of +1 or +2 to any roll (including damage rolls), based on how creative and interesting the description was.

These are purely for flavor — there are no extra rolls or effects.

The description should be relatively unique (not a total repeat) to have an effect.

In the spirit of fellowship, the roleplaying interactions of other PCs can also contribute to the bonus.

Combat Examples (used in addition to the main attack)

  • Use something in the environment (jump on table, splash ale)
  • Use a supporting item (jab with shield)
  • Maneuver (charge, feint, parry)
  • Athletic move (somersault)
  • Flourish or style (twirling sword, swirling cape)
  • Say something to opponent (battle cry, taunt)

Other Examples

  • Describe what a spell looks like
  • Say something to friends (banter, inspire, call for help)
  • Say/think something to yourself
  • Pray to a god or the spirit of someone long gone