D&D 5th Edition - Story Mode

Variant: Level 10 Limit

Story Mode is only intended for characters up to Level 10. (About 25 game sessions, or 100 hours.)

When a character reaches Level 10, you have a choice as the GM.

You may continue the campaign using the rules in the official D&D rulebooks. However, some parts may not be totally compatible with Story Mode.

Or you may follow the “Final Legacy” variant.

Final Legacy 

When a character reaches Level 10, they may continue adventuring, but they no longer advance.

When the player decides the time is right, they provide an epilogue for their final days, then set off to the Land of Legends (or your world’s version of Valhalla, Undying Lands, etc.), never to return to the land of mortals.

This lets players reach an achievable and satisfying end for their character — i.e. a way to “win” in a way that is mythically inspired.

It also focuses the campaign on power levels that are easier for most DMs to provide interesting challenges for.