Joe Lesko


A mostly complete list of every game I've made.
23 games, from 2004 to Today
Stories in the Sky 2014 Web Constellation Designer
Prismacode 2013 Web Turtle Graphics
Goldmine 2013 PC Western Platformer
Super Smile Factory 2013 Web Emote Clicker
c!ph3r 2012 Web Stealth Hacker
Mad Scientist Monster Maker 2012 Web City Smasher
Fugitive X 2012 Web Futuristic Noir Sneaker
I Wanna Be the Fishy 2011 Web Underwater Rage-Quitter
Fabletop 2011 Web Virtual Tabletop RPG
Pee Wee Pirates 2010 Web Sail & Loot
Kung Fu Kaverns 2009 Web Cave Exploration
Micro Marching League 2007 Web Marching Band Sim
Totally Tiny Arcade 2007 PC Retro Minigames (full list)
Million Dollar Game Maker 2006 PC Keyboard Masher / FPS
Grand Thrift Auto 2005 PC Top-Down Driving
Babarian Roller Rally 2005 PC Jump & Hack & Slash
Non-Stop Action Hero 2005 PC Army Shoot-em-up
Martian Meltdown 2005 PC First-Person Zapper
Dead Man's 31 2005 PC Surreal Card Game
Control Tower SFO 2005 PC Air Traffic Control Sim
Blondie Goes on a Date 2005 PC Wardrobe Simulator
1-2-3 Bumblebee 2005 PC Clicker for Toddlers
Speed Thrasher 2004 PC Skateboard / Driving

Unreleased Games

Anti-Gravity Circus Ninjas 2003 PC Balloon Popper
Space Gopher Super Nova 2003 PC Find & Click
Lord of the Gems 2005 PC Epic Fantasy
Star Climb 2006 PC Ball Roller
Rain Dots 2006 PC Water Puzzler
American Football USA 2014 Web Football Sim


The majority of my games came out of weekend game jams, like Game-in-a-Day (defunct) and Ludum Dare.

PC games were created with BlitzBasic/BlitzMax.

Web games were created with Flash/HaXe or JavaScript.