24 games, in order of release date.

Demon Dominoes
Dominoes Variant  (Web, 2018)
Stories in the Sky
Constellation Designer  (Web, 2014)
Super Smile Factory
A Game for Charity  (Web, 2013)
Kaleidosopic Graphics Maker  (Web, 2013)
Old West Platformer  (PC, 2013)
Stealth Hacker  (Web, 2012)
Mad Scientist Monster Maker
City Smasher  (Web, 2012)
Fugitive X
Futuristic Noir Sneaker  (Web, 2012)
I Wanna Be the Fishy
Underwater Rage Quitter  (Web, 2011)
Virtual Tabletop RPG  (Web, 2011)
Pee-Wee Pirates
Sail & Loot  (Web, 2010)
Kung Fu Kaverns
Punching & Spelunking  (Web, 2009)
Micro Marching League
Marching Band Sim  (Web, 2007)
Totally Tiny Arcade
Retro Microgames  (PC, 2007)
Million Dollar Game Maker
Keyboard Masher & FPS  (PC, 2006)
Grand Thrift Auto
Driving & Saving  (PC, 2005)
Babarian Roller Rally
Jump & Hack & Slash  (PC, 2005)
Martian Meltdown
First-Person Zapper  (PC, 2005)
Dead Man's 31
Surreal Card Game  (PC, 2005)
Non-Stop Action Hero
Army Shoot-em-up  (PC, 2005)
Control Tower SFO
Air Traffic Control Sim  (PC, 2005)
Blondie Goes on a Date
Wardrobe Simulator  (PC, 2005)
1-2-3 Bumblebee
Game for Toddlers  (PC, 2005)
Speed Thrasher
Skateboard + Driving  (PC, 2004)

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