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How to Learn Game Coding (For Kids)

When my friend’s son was in elementary school, he sent me a list of questions about game programming.

I’m posting my answers here because I know that it’s a popular topic for young people.

Q: How do you make a game from scratch? 

There are a lot of ways to make a game nowadays, but I would recommend PICO-8. It has everything you need to make small, fun games using code.

By using it, you’ll learn about the different parts that make up a game.

For example, “sprites” are the images you use for things like spaceships, characters, and explosions. You can program sprites to move around and animate when you press a button.

You will also learn how “collisions” work, like making a ship explode when a laser beam hits it.

Once you learn those things, you can try making bigger games using more advanced languages, or just keep getting better at making cool PICO-8 games.

Also, while you make a game, you can learn a lot of other fun skills aside from coding — like art, storytelling, music, sound effects, and interaction design (making a game easy to use).

You might even find out that you those things better than coding!

Q: How do you learn to code? 

I believe the best way to learn to code is:

1) Pick a language that is easy for beginners (like PICO-8 or Python), and

2) Make a small program or game that interests you.

Programming takes a lot of trial and error. Bit by bit, you add new lines of code to your program.

It’s like a snowball that gets bigger as it rolls down a hill. You start with a tiny program and add more as you go.

This takes a lot of patience, because you’ll spend a lot of time fixing mistakes (also known as “bugs”).

That’s why it’s important to work on a project that you like! If you just learn coding by reading a book, you might get bored and give up more quickly.

It’s also important to pick a project that is small. A lot of people try to make games that are too big, so they spend a lot of time and never finish them.

Even a small game can take many days or weeks to finish, but it will teach you a lot. And sometimes a simple game can be a ton of fun (Tetris is a great example).

Q: Why did you start coding? 

I started learning the BASIC programming language when I was about 7.

Like most kids, I learned it because I wanted to make games. When I got older, I became interested in making cool web sites and that’s where I learned more advanced programming.

I still like to program because it lets me be creative and I can make things that other people can use.

Q: What kind of code do you like the best? 

I try to write code in a way that is easy for me to understand when I come back to it later. Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out what code does, even if I wrote it myself!

Writing code is kind of like writing in English. You want to write in a way that makes it easy for others to understand.

There is no one programming language that is the best. I use the languages that let me build the ideas that I have.

Nowadays, I program in JavaScript and PHP because they are good for web development. In the past, I have programmed in Perl, Java, BlitzMax, HaXe, and CoffeeScript.

I even created my own programming language called THT so that I could use it to make websites more quickly.

Good luck!

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