I'm a programmer / game designer in Silicon Valley.
I currently work as a UX Prototype Designer at Netflix.

{ More About Me }


Totally Tiny Arcade
An 80's arcade full of microgames like Hogger, Pizzaroids, and Moonwalk Patrol.
Web-based tabletop roleplaying system. Over 50 community games hosted every week.
Micro Marching League
Create your own marching shows online. Over 200,000 shows created since 2007.
Full Game List
All 20+ of my freeware games.

Other Stuff

Thoughts on creativity, design, and code.
Artwork in colored pencil & ink.
3D Block Art
Creative builds in Minecraft.
Fun With Code
Neat stuff created in a messy language.
A programming language I created.
D&D Story Mode
My custom ruleset for D&D 5th Edition.

Say Hi

Twitter: @joelesko

Instagram: @joe_lesko

Email: joe@ N qELHiKyMv fVNlvYEgwtbEkUSP K yvk