I'm a programmer / game designer in Silicon Valley.
I currently work as a UX Prototype Designer at Netflix.

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Full Game List
All 20+ of my freeware games.
Totally Tiny Arcade
An 80's arcade full of microgames like Hogger, Pizzaroids, and Moonwalk Patrol.
Web-based tabletop roleplaying system. Over 50 community games hosted every week.
Micro Marching League
Create your own marching shows online. Over 200,000 shows created since 2007.
D&D Story Mode
My custom ruleset for D&D 5th Edition.

Other Stuff

Thoughts on creativity, design, and code.
Artwork in colored pencil & ink.
3D Block Art
Creative builds in Minecraft.
Fun With Code
Neat stuff created in a messy language.
A programming language I created.

Say Hi

Twitter: @joelesko

Instagram: @joe_lesko

Email: joe@joeles M ckVasRVj n