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I started making computer games in 2004. Back then, the indie game movement hadn't become a thing yet -- we were just hobbyists making "freeware" or "shareware".

Also, there weren't many tools for game development, so I was happy when I came across the BlitzBasic programming language, which was much easier to use than something like C++.

For a brief time, I used my own language called Snax, which compiled to Flash. Nowadays, I mostly use JavaScript.

Nearly all of the games on this list began as entries to game jams like Ludum Dare. I find that game jams are a great way to focus and avoid the analysis paralysis I get when working on a larger project, so I continue to do them to this day.


All I ask is... If you like any of these games, please give me a shout out on social media or email. =)

Games List  (28 games)

Oregon TruckPost-Apocalyptic Road TripWeb2023
Get Those Votes!Become the PresidentWeb2022
Haunted CarnivalSpooky Text AdventureWeb2022
Demon DominoesDominoes VariantWeb2018
BlastcodeProgram a CybertankWeb2015
Stories in the SkyConstellation DesignerWeb2014
Super Smile FactoryEmoticon MatcherWeb2013
PrismacodeKaleidosopic Graphics MakerWeb2013
GoldmineOld West PlatformerPC2013
c!ph3rStealth HackerFlash2012
Mad Scientist Monster MakerCity SmasherFlash2012
Fugitive XFuturistic Noir SneakerFlash2012
I Wanna Be The FishyUnderwater Rage QuitterFlash2011
FabletopVirtual Tabletop RPGWeb2011
Pee-Wee PiratesSail & LootFlash2010
Kung Fu KavernsPunching & SpelunkingWeb2009
Micro Marching LeagueMarching Band SimWeb2007
Totally Tiny Arcade8-Bit Micro-GamesPC2007
Million Dollar Game MakerKeyboard Masher & FPSPC2006
Grand Thrift AutoDriving & SavingPC2005
Babarian Roller RallyJump & Hack & SlashPC2005
Martian MeltdownFirst-Person ZapperPC2005
Dead Man's 31Surreal Card GamePC2005
Non-Stop Action HeroArmy Shoot-Em-UpPC2005
Control Tower SFOAir Traffic Control SimPC2005
Blondie Goes on a DateWardrobe SimulatorPC2005
1-2-3 BumblebeeGame for ToddlersPC2005
Speed ThrasherSkateboard + DrivingPC2004

Unreleased Games

These are some of my most recent games from game jams. I'll make them available after I clean up some of the bugs/gameplay.