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I started making computer games in 2004. Back then, the indie game movement hadn't become a thing yet -- we were just hobbyists making "freeware" or "shareware".

Also, there weren't many tools for game development, so I was happy when I came across the BlitzBasic programming language, which was much easier to use than something like C++.

For a brief time, I used my own language called Snax, which compiled to Flash. Nowadays, I mostly use JavaScript.

Nearly all of the games on this list began as entries to game jams like Ludum Dare. I find that game jams are a great way to focus and avoid the analysis paralysis I get when working on a larger project, so I continue to do them to this day.

If you like any of these games, please give me a shout out on social media or email!

Games List  (24 games)

Demon DominoesDominoes VariantWeb2018
Stories in the SkyConstellation DesignerWeb2014
Super Smile FactoryEmoticon MatcherWeb2013
PrismacodeKaleidosopic Graphics MakerWeb2013
GoldmineOld West PlatformerPC2013
c!ph3rStealth HackerFlash2012
Mad Scientist Monster MakerCity SmasherFlash2012
Fugitive XFuturistic Noir SneakerFlash2012
I Wanna Be The FishyUnderwater Rage QuitterFlash2011
FabletopVirtual Tabletop RPGWeb2011
Pee-Wee PiratesSail & LootFlash2010
Kung Fu KavernsPunching & SpelunkingWeb2009
Micro Marching LeagueMarching Band SimWeb2007
Totally Tiny Arcade8-Bit Micro-GamesPC2007
Million Dollar Game MakerKeyboard Masher & FPSPC2006
Grand Thrift AutoDriving & SavingPC2005
Babarian Roller RallyJump & Hack & SlashPC2005
Martian MeltdownFirst-Person ZapperPC2005
Dead Man's 31Surreal Card GamePC2005
Non-Stop Action HeroArmy Shoot-Em-UpPC2005
Control Tower SFOAir Traffic Control SimPC2005
Blondie Goes on a DateWardrobe SimulatorPC2005
1-2-3 BumblebeeGame for ToddlersPC2005
Speed ThrasherSkateboard + DrivingPC2004

Unreleased Games

These are some of my most recent games from game jams. I will eventually make them available after I clean up some of the bugs/gameplay.