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Hi, I'm Joe. =)

I'm a self-taught programmer/designer living in Silicon Valley.

Previously, I worked at Netflix for 8 years as a UI Engineer and UX Design Prototyper.

Now I'm independent, working on a bunch of creative projects.

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* Full Game List

All of the games I've made since 2004.

* Totally Tiny Arcade

A bundle of 80's-style minigames, like Hogger and Moonwalk Patrol.

* Fabletop

Web-based tabletop RPG system with dice, miniatures, etc.

* Micro Marching League

Web-based marching band show design app.

* D&D Story Mode

My simplified rules for D&D 5th Edition.

Other Stuff

* Blog

My thoughts on creativity, design, and code.

* Drawings

Artwork in colored pencil & ink.

* 3D Block Art

Creative builds in Minecraft.

* Code Art

Neat stuff created in a messy language.


A programming language I created to improve PHP.

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