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About Me

Hi, I'm a programmer & designer living in Chicago.

I like to simplify things that are over-complicated. I also like to explore parody, absurdity, and anything that helps others be creative.

Previously, I worked in Silicon Valley as a user interface engineer and designer, including 8 years at Netflix.

Right now I'm independent, working on a variety of projects.

I'm a big believer in self-education and intrinsic motivation, which have helped me succeed without a college degree and continue to serve me well in life.

My ASCIIography

Digital Games

Full Game List

All of the games I've made since 2004.

Totally Tiny Arcade

A bundle of 80's-style minigames, like Hogger and Moonwalk Patrol.

Micro Marching League

A web app for making marching band shows.

Tabletop Games


A web-based tabletop RPG system with dice, miniatures, etc.

D&D Story Mode

My simplified rules for D&D, 5th Edition.

Nautilus Lite

Home rules (PDF) for simplifying the Nautilus board game.

Talisman: Blood Bowl

A fan-made expansion for Talisman, 2nd Edition.



Artwork in colored pencil & ink.

Minecraft Art

3D block art created in Minecraft.



My redesign of the PHP programming language.

Code Art

Clever convoluted code.


Make kaleidoscopic graphics with code.



Joe Lesko's Weekly Whatever